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Welcome to Pinellas Gun Shop Online

Hello, my name is Jeff Morelock and I am fighting with the big box gun shops in Tampa Bay and Pinellas County.

owner of pinellas gun shop shooting a glockMore and more mega gun stores and big box retailers have opened in the Tampa Bay Area, complete with shooting ranges and snack bars. Of course they’re staffed with employees who really only care about up-selling  you a gun you don’t need.

I try to compete with these Tampa Bay Area gun shops, but its difficult when they can stock thousands of guns.

So instead of sending my FFL back to the BATFE, I am doing something unheard of in the gun business… I am going to lower my prices and be honest with you about how much I make per gun.

           Here’s What I Make per Gun Sold:

                If my cost is        then my mark up is

$200 – $299                            $30
$300 – $499                            $50
$500 – $699                            $70
$700 – $999                            $90
$1000 & Up                             $100

Go into one of these Tampa Bay gun stores. I can’t mention their names do to legal reasons, but there’s a big one on Ulmerton Rd in Clearwater, and another big one on E. Fletcher Ave in Tampa.

Fondle all their guns that you want. Once you’ve decided on the gun you want, take the following three steps…

  1. Thank the employee who tried to up-sell you something you didn’t want or need
  2. Go home and fire up your computer or iThingy
  3. Fill out the form below letting me know what gun you really want

I will personally reply with a quote based on my mark up listed in the chart above. You’ll know exactly what I “made” on the sale, and I won’t try to up-sell you anything. I can have most guns delivered to my shop in 72 hours.

Its just that easy.

Please let me know what gun you're looking for and provide me with as much information about it as possible such as make, model, caliber, finish, barrel length, magazine capacity, and anything else you can think of about the gun so I can make sure I find you the correct one.